Common Questions

How can ML Healthcare help me?

We serve as a liaison between injured parties, their attorneys and healthcare providers in a win-win-win situation. This means:

  • If you have been injured and have little or no health insurance: We provide you access to an extensive network of healthcare providers so you can receive immediate treatment without worrying about payment at the time of service.
  • If you are an attorney with an injured client: We provide you a way to facilitate important necessary medical treatment for your clients, eliminate gaps in treatment due to lack of insurance or approved coverage, and help ensure that a case will not have to settle prematurely.
  • If you are a healthcare provider: We provide a way for you to treat patients who have little or no health insurance coverage and receive prompt payment without having to hold a lien for those services.

How does an injured client begin receiving needed healthcare?

The attorney provides ML Healthcare with all of the necessary information using our online intake system. The review of this information can take as little as 24 hours, after which the client may begin receiving treatment.

Are there upfront costs for using ML Healthcare services?

We charge no application fees or monthly interest, nor do we inflate medical bills. We only receive payment of the amount charged by the provider(s) at the conclusion of the case.

Why should I choose ML Healthcare?

With more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare, our management team has a detailed understanding of the internal and financial operations that healthcare providers face daily. We also understand that an injured person needs treatment at the time of injury, regardless of their insurance coverage or the current status of their case. Through close cooperation with providers in our network, ML Healthcare is able to bridge this gap between injured clients and healthcare providers in ways others can’t.